Pop-Top Roofs

Pop-Top Roofs

Suncamper originated its business purely fitting pop top rooves to an array of vans. As the business has grown we have focused our research and development in the production on our motorhomes.

These days the only pop-top conversions we are able to complete are for the:

The only high roof conversion is available on a SLWB (Super Long Wheel Base) Toyota Hiace van.

Any roof conversions start at $8,900 + engineering certificate. Roof conversions are only sold and installed as a complete set up and components cannot be split up or sold separately.

If you are interested in supplying your own vehicle and having Suncamper complete a complete fit out inside the van including the roof conversion, we can complete this on the above listed vehicles. To have an indication of costs this basic fitout starts at $35,000.

All our other fibreglass moulds, slides and canvas templates that we used for other/older models of vehicles are no longer around and cannot be supplied. Sorry for any inconvenience.

Pop-tops must be fitted in the factory. They are engineer and RTA approved and cannot be fitted by an unqualified person.

If you currently own a pop top and need a repair? We would suggest finding a local:

Thank you, Suncamper Motorhomes

Standard Pop-Top Roof

Pop-Top Roof Up
Pop-Top Roof Down

Custom Pop-Top Roof

Pop-Top Roof Up
Pop-Top Roof Down

Hi-Top Roof

Toyota Hi Top
Hiace Hi Top
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