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Examples of Features

We will work with you to manufacture a purpose-built commercial vehicle to suit your needs. Below are some typcal features of a mobile office.


  • Manual or Automatic Transmission
  • Vehicle Immobiliser
  • Cabin Air Conditioning
  • Driver Air Bag
  • Passenger Air Bag
  • Cruise Control
  • Four Wheel Drive


  • Electric Entry Step
  • Entry Grab Handle
  • Mulitple access points
  • Wind Out, Tinted Hopper Windows
  • Integrated Blinds and Flyscreens
  • Skylights
  • Awning Light
  • Mains Water Pressure Inlet


  • Ply Cabinetry with Laminate Finish
  • Lounge Area
  • Desk Area
  • Specialised Work Area
  • Push Lock Handles
  • Storage Under Rear Seats
  • Internal Entry Grab Handle

Desk Area

  • Desk
  • Office chairs or lounges
  • 240v Double Power Outlet
  • 12v Power Outlet
  • Inverter (for a computer)

Kitchen (if needed)

  • 2-way or 3-way Fridge
  • Fridge with Freezer
  • Gas Stove
  • Stainless Steel Sink
  • Flick Mixer Spout
  • Microwave
  • Range Hood Exhaust
  • Double Power Outlet

Bed (if needed)

  • High Density Foam Mattress
  • Reading Lights in Bed Area
  • Lounge convert to Bed

Bathroom (if needed)

  • Cassette Toilet
  • Small Hand Basin
  • Shower that Pulls Up from Basin
  • Clothes Aerator
  • Exhaust Fan


  • Gas & 240v Hot Water System
  • Polypropylene Water Tanks
  • 12 volt Pump (10L/min)
  • Gas Cylinder(s)
  • Deep Cycle Gel Battery (Sealed)

Safety Features

  • Fire Extinguisher
  • Smoke Detector
  • Gas Detector


  • Other features are available
  • Exterior and Interior can be highly customised to suit your needs

Examples of Options


  • Wifi booster
  • Digital Satelite
  • GPS Navigiation System

Alternate Power

  • Solar Panels
  • Solar Regulator
  • Generator


  • Vehicle Wrapping
  • Custom Interior Colours
  • Custom Upholstery


  • Wind-out Awning
  • Outdoor Table
  • External 240v Power Outlet
  • External 12v Power Outlet
  • External Hot Water Shower


  • Reverse Cycle Air Conditioner
  • Reversing Camera
  • Water Filtration System in Kitchen


  • 21" LED TV with DVD Player
  • Digital Antenna
  • TV Swivel Arm with Locking Bracket
  • MP3/CD Player in Motorhome
  • 2 x Ceiling-mounted Motorhome Speakers


  • Inner Spring Mattress
  • Mattress Aerator
  • LED Night Light on Floor Walkway to Toilet


  • Options are also available individually
  • Other Options are available

Standard Construction Methods

Chassis and Vehicle

  • Underbody Rust Proofing
  • Underbody deadener to protect from road damage and noise
  • Radio antenna repositioned for better reception


  • Steel Floor Frame
  • Lightweight, Strong Aluminium Framework
  • Fully Welded
  • Fire-Retardant Insulation
  • Walls more than 30mm thick
  • Windows and fittings fastened to framework, not insulation
  • Fibreglass Outer Shell


  • Single Piece (no joins)
  • Fully welded framework
  • Fully insulated
  • Fibreglass ceiling and roof top
  • More than 45mm thick
  • Can bear weight (ie, a person can stand on the roof)


  • Water-resistant Ply
  • Heavy duty vinyl

Electrical Systems

  • 240 volt power system
  • 12 volt power system
  • Maintenance-free, gel, fully sealed, deep-cycle battery
  • Battery condition indicator fitted

Water System

  • Polypropylene or plastic tanks
  • Food grade tanks
  • Food grade piping and hosing
  • High quality plumbing fastening system


  • Suitable for mobile use (not domestic)
  • Sourced from reputable suppliers
  • Long-standing supplier relationships


  • Water-resitant Ply (not foam board)
  • Laminate finish (not paper)
  • Screwed together by hand (not stapled)
  • Locking Catches on Doors

Soft Furnishings

  • Custom upholstery
  • Customise curtain fabric
  • High density foam cushions
  • High density foam mattress


  • Cabinetry finish
  • Bench top colour
  • Upholstery colours
  • Curtain colour
  • Extensive list of optional extras

Experience and Expertise

  • Almost 40 years of recreational vehicle manufacturing
  • Extensive experience in manufacturing custom vehicles
  • Diverse and qualified tradespeople
  • Active members of RVMA, CCIA, MTA, CRVA and CMCA
  • Registered motor dealer

Quality Control

  • Extensive quality control checklist
  • Manufacturing audits through industry bodies and government
  • Vehicle run-through upon delivery
  • Every appliance and fixture is tested/operated before delivery
  • Able to offer an extensive warranty

Popular Chassis'

Small Chassis

  • Car Licenced
  • Toyota Hilux
  • Ford Falcon
  • Mitsubishi Triton
  • Holden Rodeo

Mid-Sized Chassis

  • Car Licenced
  • Fiat Ducato
  • Ford Transit
  • Iveco
  • Mercedes
  • VW

Large Chassis

  • Heavy Vehicle Licence

No Chassis

  • Suitable for caravan/towed office
  • Trailer

Other Custom Vehicles