Suncamper Factory

The Bottom Line

Long, established experience in construction and in the industry have made Suncamper one of the highest quality motorhome builders today. Models are constructed by Australians for Australian conditions and Australian customers. They are constantly upgraded and improved.

Suncamper motorhomes are well built, have a considerably long life and can be sold at a very high resale value.

Design Layouts and Digrams

Design Process

Suncamper has its finger on the pulse of the latest technologies, styles and materials being released into the Australian and European markets. New models are carefully designed with input from experienced motorhomers, industry representatives and long-term factory staff to ensure that each area of construction is both lasting and practical.

After several months of owning a Suncamper motorhome, customers are asked to complete a satisfaction survey covering areas such as vehicle delivery, Suncamper representatives, operation of the motorhome and suggestions for future models. The results are recorded and the feedback initiates improvements and shapes the design for new models.


The materials used to construct the motorhomes and campervans are of high quality and from reputable suppliers, in which long lasting relationships have been formed. Appliances, fixtures and fittings are all tested for each individual vehicle.

Welded Frame


All motorhome models boast a steel frame base and aluminium, fully welded framework for the walls, rear, nose and single-piece roof. Walls and roof are fully insulated with fire-retardant foam and pressed. Framework is extensive so every fitting is screwed into a solid spot, not into insulation. The walls are more than 30mm thick and the roof is more than 45mm. This is more than double (and in some cases triple) other manufacturers.

A rust-proofing and sound deadening agent is applied under the floor to protect from noise and road damage.

Switch Panel


All models contain a 240v (electricity) and 12v (battery) system. Gas is also used to run specific appliances, even the fridge in many cases. Most appliances can operate without plugging your vehicle into power.

Suncamper fresh and grey/waste water tanks are specially designed for each model to maximise water storage. They are food-grade polyurethane, not plastic tanks. This means they are thick, durable, can handle road damage and do not sag or split.

Kitchen in Sydney Motorhome


Cabinetry is Plywood, not foam-board coated in wood-look-a-like. It is glued and screwed together, like in your house. It is not stapled!

Suncamper uses quality and reputable appliances and fixtures, where long-lasting relationships have been formed with the suppliers. Suncamper sources most materials locally and some materials from Europe, America and parts of Asia. New technologies and materials are carefully considered and tested before becoming a feature of our motorhomes.


When you order a motorhome or campervan, we take the time to tailor it to your traveling needs. Customers are able to choose upholstery, curtain and bench top colours. We also have an extensive list of optional extras for each model.

Quality Control

Each motorhome undergoes a rigorous pre-delivery test. This is includes running all appliances, leak test, vehicle functions and quality control for each and every vehicle.

Diagram for Compliance


Suncamper gets all models tested and complied with the current regulations and authorities. We are active members of the RVMAA (Recreation Vehicle Manufacturers Association of Australia), CCIA (Caravan and Camping Industry Association), MTA (Motor Traders Association), CRVA (Caravan and Recreation Vehicle Association), CMCA (Campervan and Motorhome Club of Australia) as well as being a registered Motor Dealer.



Suncamper boasts one of (if not the best) warranty in Australia of 3 years/100,000kms. Contact Suncamper for a full copy of the warranty statement.

A few months after taking delivery of a Suncamper, owners are sent a Customer Satisfaction Survey. The survey covers areas such as vehicle delivery, Suncamper representatives, product satisfaction and suggestions for future models.

Factory Tour

If you would like to see Suncamper's models finished and in construction, please contact the head office on (02) 9484 3952 or email to organise a personal factory tour, even if you are interstate.